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A Word From Our Clients

Danielle K.
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Tracy has been working with my daughter Ava for a little over 6 months. During that time, Ava has shown a lot of improvement in her ability to voice her concerns, speak up for herself and handle her emotions more easily. She seems more confident and capable, and I am very pleased with the results I have seen from the beginning of their sessions to now. It is obvious that Tracy cares a lot about Ava’s wellbeing and it is so relieving to know she is in good hands when dealing with her mental health. It is my hope they continue to work together and that Ava will continue to grow in a positive direction as she has already!

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Tracy has transformed my life in more ways than she can even begin to imagine. When many of us think of therapy if we’re honest we are consumed with thoughts and questions of doubt. Will this really help me? Am I crazy for needing this form of attentiveness to my emotional and social needs? What if the therapist isn’t helpful or better yet unconsciously judgmental? Tracy has been compassionate and committed to helping me overcome the pain of trauma but more importantly the inflictions that I had caused myself.

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As a black woman, it was important for me to find a therapist with a similar background. I knew shared ethnicity wasn't enough to ensure a good therapist client relationship, but after meeting with Tracy for my first few sessions, I could see it was a good fit. I am able to be transparent with Tracy without fear of judgment. A few months in and I am making progress towards my mental health goals!

Jeff M.
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Working with Tracy has been one of the best experiences I could ask for. She always keeps me going the right direction no matter where I drift. I would absolutely recommend her as a therapist ​

P. Williams
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Tracy Boatmon is a wonderful person and therapist. She is excellent at communicating with my niece and providing supportive documents that helps her get through her rough moments in life. Tracy is available which is so important because sometimes you need someone you trust to talk to that will help you through your difficult times and not add more difficulty to it. She listens and understands her clients. She is very accommodating with scheduling and even meeting sessions whether they be virtual or in person. I appreciate Tracy’s willingness, patience and commitment to helping my niece! I highly recommend her to help so many others! ​

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